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Honorary Life and Honorary Members

Honorary Members

Those who are not registered occupational therapists/nga kaiwhakaora ngangahau may be appointed to this class of membership by the Council in recognition of their outstanding contribution to the Association or to the profession of occupational therapy/whakaora ngangahau. Honorary membership shall normally continue for the life of the member.  Current and past honorary members are:

Honorary Life Members

Honorary life membership has been bestowed on the following occupational therapists for their consistent and outstanding contribution to OTNZ-WNA Aotearoa, and to the profession of occupational therapy.

These honoured life members have served in numerous roles within the association and within the profession including: as local branch chairs; conference organisers; national executive members and roles such as treasurer and president; representation of occupational therapy and OTNZ-WNA Aotearoa to a range of organisations; as members of the Occupational Therapy Board of New Zealand; and as leaders and mentors in the profession of occupational therapy.

Current honorary life members:

Past honorary life members:

  • Frances Rutherford
  • Mary Emery
  • Betty Searle
  • Margaret Buchanan
  • Joan Davidson

Honorary life membership may be granted by the OTNZ-WNA Aotearoa council. To be considered, a nominee must demonstrate an outstanding contribution to the association or the profession of occupational therapy.

To nominate a person for honorary life membership: contact OTNZ-WNA.