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New Special Interest Group Forum / Wānanga Rōpū Aronga Motuhake (WRAM)

Kia ora koutou katoa

We’re very excited to be launching the next version of OTNZ-WNA’s Special Interest Group (SIG) Forum / Wānanga Rōpū Aronga Motuhake (WRAM) from 17 September 2021.

After extensive user and technical testing, we selected Discourse as our platform of choice.

Here’s what you need to know: 

  • The new forum is now accessible at https://sig.otnzwna.co.nz. You can log in using your current OTNZ-WNA membership email and password.
  • As of 17 September 2021, members can no longer post to Google Groups, however members who were previously subscribed to each Google Groups SIG can still access that SIG in read-only mode.
  • We’ve migrated all posts from 1 June 2021 to their respective SIGs in Discourse, so we can keep the current conversations going!
  • The Discourse interface is relatively easy to use, however we’ve compiled two separate set of instructions, depending on how you access Discourse:
    1. Instructions for Desktop (PC or Mac) users
    2. Instructions for Mobile (Apple or Android) users.
  • All members now have access to all SIGs and there is no need to subscribe to each SIG to engage with it. However, if you wish to receive email notifications, you can sign up for notifications for each SIG, or just on specific topics (see section 6. Notifications, in the instructions).
  • All members now have “Watch” notifications set for the OTNZ-WNA Issues SIG, by default. This means all topics and posts for this moderated SIG will be sent to them by email. They will also have Activity Summary notifications sent once a week (if they have not recently logged in). Although you can cancel or reduce notifications at any time, we recommend that you keep SIG Issues notifications to keep up with important notice and events.
  • You can elect to use Discourse solely through email if you prefer. This would involve setting up notifications for your chosen SIG(s) and then emailing, and receiving emails from, a dedicated email address (see the full list of emails below).
  • Your Discourse email is your membership email. If you need to update both (as well as your Discourse display name), you can do so at https://www.otnzwna.co.nz/editprofile

We hope you enjoy using Discourse and if you have any technical issues, please do not hesitate to email [email protected]

Ngā mihi

SIG Emails

To create a new topic in a SIG, send an email with a new subject line to the relevant SIG address below. To continue threads in any existing topic, simply reply to received emails. Please remove extraneous content such as long email signatures and disclaimers, where possible.