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WFOT (World Federation of Occupational Therapy)

With the introduction of WFOT’s Premium Pricing Model (PPM), all OTNZ-WNA membership subscriptions include $7.00 for a subscription to the World Federation of Occupational Therapists. All of our members can now enjoy the vast range of products, resources and services that WFOT provides.

Note: WFOT is able to offer support if a member would like assistance. Email [email protected].

There are many benefits to being an individual member of WFOT, including;

  • Access to the exclusive member only part of the WFOT website which allows you to download documents, guidance and other materials produced by WFOT
  • Download up to date free publications and promotional material up to 12 months in advance of public access
  • Online access to the WFOT bulletin journal which is released twice a year
  • Online access to previously published WFOT bulletins since 2004
  • Subscription to WFOT’s quarterly e-newsletter after registering to the WFOT website
  • Discount on the WFOT store as well as discount on all books produced by Wiley publishing
  • Opportunity to apply for WFOT awards for research and education

To read more about the World Federation of Occupational Therapists, visit www.wfot.org/