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Membership categories

Full membership

Individuals can apply for full membership if they have a current registration as an occupational therapist in New Zealand.

The following full memberships options are available:

Full-time members (full membership):
  • Full membership – 26 + hours/week
  • First professional year

Part-time members:

  • Proportional – 11-25 hours/week
  • Minor proportional –  0-10 hours/week

Note: All full members (except for minor proportional) receive the NZ Journal of Occupational Therapy and the OT Insight.


Students can apply for membership if they:

  • are currently enrolled full time in an undergraduate occupational therapy course, or are a registered occupational therapist enrolled full time in postgraduate educational programme
  • satisfy any other criteria as set out in the Rules of the Association.

Retired occupational therapists can apply for membership if they are:

  • no longer employed as an occupational therapists, and
  • aged 65 years or older.

Associates can apply for membership if they do not qualify for full membership but assist, support or are interested in occupational therapy. This may include occupational therapy support staff, as well as occupational therapists who are not practising in New Zealand and who do not hold a current Annual Practicing Certificate.

Note: None of these ‘other’ membership categories receive a hard copy of the NZ Journal of Occupational Therapy.

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