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Member Benefits – Why Belong?


Download our membership benefits brochure

Occupational therapists join their national association for a number of reasons:

Collegiality, inspiration, support, professional development, networks, fellowship, professional identity

  • Advocacy: “Now, more than ever, a proactive approach that supports engagement and positive dialogue with decision-makers is required. The challenges to our profession involve professional identity and market competition. Strong leadership demonstrating occupational therapy capacity is necessary.” Karen Molyneux,  President Tangata Whenua, OTNZ-WNA.
  • Networking: You’ll gain access to more than 20+ unique online discussion groups, as well as the ability to attend in-person or online clinical workshops and conferences.
  • Recognising excellence: Members nominate their peers for prestigious awards, recognising excellence and significant contribution to the occupational therapy profession and its people.
  • Comprehensive Insurance: Members can purchase comprehensive Professional Indemnity and/or Public Liability insurance for cover up to $2M, at extremely competitive rates.
  • Support and protection: You will receive support through timely sector news and job vacancies, student hardship grants and research opportunities, as well as professional indemnity insurance at a discount. Plus, we offer telephone and email support to respond to all member queries and concerns.
  • Information, education, research: You will receive eight editions of the highly valued OT Insight magazine, plus two editions of the scientifically grounded New Zealand Journal of Occupational Therapy per annum.
  • Maintaining professional standards: Resources and toolkits, a register of professional and clinical supervisors and five international journals are available online (to members).
  • Discounted professional development: Member-only discounts at OTNZ-WNA hosted events – super early bird and early bird rates available for all in-person OTNZ-WNA conferences, clinical workshops, etc. There are also member-only discounts for continuing professional development courses, available from Occupational Therapy Australia
  • Raising awareness: Members have access to guides and resources to celebrate Occupational Therapy Week (annually in October), media releases and pamphlets. Your interests are represented with key stakeholders through: submissions, participation at sector forums, endorsement and development of position statements. Membership subscriptions keep the occupational therapy profession vital in Aotearoa for all.

Importantly, the power and quality of the collective membership provide the means and framework to advocate and lobby for the occupational therapy profession in Aotearoa.

You need a strong and vital professional association to advocate for your interests, secure and broaden the future of your profession. OTNZ-WNA is your professional association and we are ready but – maximum membership is critical for maximum effect.

Does your employer pay your association membership fee?

If you work for a DHB, under the MECA, you are entitled to 80-100% reimbursement of your OTNZ-WNA membership cost.

For other employees: we explain why it is valuable for your employer to support occupational therapists to be members of their professional organisation in this document:
Employer Benefits of OTNZ-WNA membership