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HASANZ Register

HASANZ Register

Trusted advisers for healthier and safer workplace

The HASANZ Register of Workplace Health and Safety Professionals is a national, online database to help businesses find reliable, quality health and safety advice and services. There is a charge to list on the HASANZ Register, but it’s free to use.

Occupational Therapy New Zealand/Whakaora Ngangahau Aotearoa are a membership organisation of HASANZ. Occupational Therapists use their knowledge of health, universal design, task analysis and human behaviour to create healthy workplaces that meet WorkSafe NZ standards and ensure that staff work safely. We also assist with peoples safe return to work after injury, illness or disability.

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HASANZ Register Standards: Best Practice

Download the HASANZ OT Competency Guide for Registration: This lists service categories and whether each meets the competency standard via qualifications.

How to list on the HASANZ Register as a member:

OTNZ-WNA Standards for HASANZ Register – must adhere for a successful application

Registration fees

These are the fees you’ll pay when you apply to list on the HASANZ Register. These are all paid together as one payment.

  1. One-off application fee of $75 plus GST (This fee is for our administration costs and is non-refundable)
  2. Annual registration fee of $100 plus GST (This fee is refundable if you application is declined because it does not meet the registration standards)
  3. Additional processing fees of $14.75 to cover the cost of HASANZ providing the online payment facility.
  4.  Fee for renewal: This only includes the annual registration fee as above.

Contact the team below for inquiries about the register:

For FAQs, more resources and information please visit the HASANZ Register website.

(See ACC subsidy information here)

10 Steps to Register with HASANZ

  1. Check you meet the OTNZ-WNA registration standards
  2. Gather required evidence/documents for application support
  3. Go to www.register.hasanz.org.nz
  4. Create a HASANZ Register account
  5. Complete the online application (note: this saves as a draft if incomplete)
  6. Submit your application form
  7. Pay the required fees using the online link
  8. Application is assessed by both OTNZ-WNA and HASANZ. You may be notified to provide more information.
  9. If your application is approved, HASANZ will notify you
  10. HASANZ will make the profile public and send you out a registration pack.

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